Friday, February 3, 2012

❀ My Love. ❀ (A Kaito Waninima Oneshot for jesanimeXD)


My Love.


No response.


Still, no response.

I’ve been looking for him all day. He’s normally here smoking after work.

“I guess he’s just not here toda-“

“Guys, RUN! It’s the Shinjuku Crocodile!” I heard some random AT riders yell on their way towards me; but little did they know, I’m his subordinate. Even though Agito and Akira were the only ones I know of who were allowed to wear ATs, Kaito somehow tolerated me with them and at this moment, I was ecstatic that I still had them on.

The storm riders tried to slide past me but were no match against me and my 10 year expertise at them. I pulled out my gun and was about to shoot them until a rubber bullet came flying and hit the young boys.

“Kaito! I was going to take them out!” he’s still not giving me a response.

“Umm Kait-“ I didn’t want to be interrupted but I was anyway.


“When was the last time you had a drink or smoked because your kind of…tense.” He just looked at me while I took it as ‘a while’.

“Let’s go get a drink since were off now. “I really hope that he doesn’t say no. all I want to do is go out with the man I love. I’ve always loved him even though some of the things that he does are cruel, I’ve grown up to love him and everything that I learned from him.

“Fine” he said walking towards the direction of the bar.

*several drinks later*

“Why would you invite me to drinks if you’re the one that’s going to get drunk?” he said looking at me while lighting up his cigarette.

“Im sooooo sorrrrrrrrrry” I was on his back while he walked me home.

“Listen, im not always going to do this so next time be careful when there were drunk guys all over you.”

“Were you jealous Kaito-kun?” the words were still slurred but he understood them. he was tied between telling that he was jealous and knowing that I’m going to forget about it tomorrow or just keep quiet. He decided to keep quiet.

“Hey, hey, are you ignoring me again?” Again? Kaito wondered what she meant by that but he knew he wouldn’t get an answer since they were already at the door . He took my keys out of my jacket and opened my front door. He walked to my living room and laid me down on the couch and started to walk away he was almost out the door when I yelled out for him.

“Don’t leave! I love you. he was shocked by my sudden actions and went back into the living room where he left me.

“Please,dont leave! Don’t leave me. I’ve loved you for a while and it hurts me every time were not together. Please, just for tonight, stay with me.”

Kaito loved me back but, thought i was just too drunk to know what I’m possibly saying at this point. he still had a weak spot for me, so he laid down next to me and began to hug me from behind.

“Kaito?” i some how managed to say.


“I Love you.Will you always stay by my side?” he had finally given up on trying to keep the relationship just as boss and subordinate and decided that i would be a new chapter in his life.

“Yes, My Love.”

After that, we went to sleep in each others arms.

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