Monday, February 6, 2012

❦ℑhe ⓟhantomhive's Ļove❦ (A Black Butler Smut Story)

Chapter 2: Touch Me.
His moved in closer to my face as I started to fiercely blush. We both looked at each other with an immense passion, one that I know I will never be able to forget. The nostalgic aura around the two of us began to suffocate me the closer he got to my luscious, velvety, pink lips.

Instead of him going dead in for my lips, he darted for my neck. He started to lick with an everlasting softness that was superior to my senses.

“S-Sebasti-” I was about to say his name until he started to lick faster and a moan overcame my words. He slowly started to move closer and closer to my soft spot and he knew this since the closer he got, the more I would writhe. It was bliss, unbelievable passion, and I never want it to end. Sebastian is the world to me at this moment. He is in every part of my brain. I can see him, feel him, touch him, and think of him in this moment.

I saw Sebastian’s head turn in turn in a direction of the hallway and a few seconds later, I heard footsteps coming toward our way.

“It looks like we’re going to have to cut this short but I’ll make sure we finish later. Isn’t that right, Alex?”

“Wait!” it was too late. He was already out of sight when I tried to look at him. I wonder where the hell he’s going leaving me like this. I’m already vulnerable to Sebastian and now since he’s leaving me while I’m getting more and more horny makes me pretty much vulnerable to anyone at this moment.

It was bard walking down the hallway. He was probably coming from the kitchen with another meal that even the devil himself wouldn’t eat since he had a shining silver platter on his hand.
“Alex!” he dropped the platter and ran to my side. He most likely thought I was going to pass out since I was on the floor breathing insanely hard from being too horny.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to call Sebastia-” he was frantic.

“I’m fine. Can you just take me to my room?” I asked still heavily breathing.

“Sure.” He picked me up bridal style and began to go towards the rooms. Mine was the farthest one from the hallway that we’re in but Bard’s room is just a few feet away from where we are. He turned to his right and opened a door to a room that wasn’t mine.

“Why are we in your room?” I asked overcoming the sounds of breathing coming from my mouth a few moments ago. Even though I didn’t sound like it anymore I still had the feeling of it.

“You were starting to get heavy and my room was right here. Is it a problem?” he asked while putting me on his incredibly soft bed.

“No, I was just… wondering.” I said pondering on my words and looking at him. He walked toward me and sat down next to me on the bed.

“Listen Bard, I’m sorry you had to do this for m-” he leaned in and started to kiss me.
I didn’t do anything at first but stare at him with confused eyes until he started to lick and nibble on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes while our tongues began to entangle in each other’s.  Our saliva began to mix as I was slowly lowered down onto the bed and our battle for dominance was still going on. With every passing minute, he was getting an upper hand and therefore started to beat me.

He won shortly afterward when my mouth started to feel numb after the sensational kiss was given to me.

“Is there anything you want right now? That you want me to give to you?” I wonder if that’s how I looked when I was with Sebastian earlier. His expression right now is turning me on more than I was earlier. I looked at him and responded with simple words.

Bard, Touch me.

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