Saturday, January 7, 2012

You. Are. Mine (Agito Wanijima)One shot.

This is Sia!!

Sia Michizuki always had a thing for ATs; especially after seeing her new crush wearing them. He goes by different names but the when she met him, his name was Agito.
-4 years ago-
~Sia’s point of view~
“I’m 10 mom, I think I’m old enough to go and ride my AT’s with my friends.” “Fine Sia, you can go outside with your friends.” I was already out the door when she said fine. Besides, it’s not like it’s the first time I went out with my friends without her.
“Okay girls, let’s go!” I was talking to my friends Ume and Ringo. Ever since I moved here they have been like family to me.
We went riding around the city for hours. Laughing, going to the GlumSlum to update our ATs, And lastly, just walking around having fun. When suddenly we were walking, I saw a boy that looked about our age. He had shoulder length dark blue hair with a golden eye and one that was covered by a white eye patch. I couldn’t help but think that he was cute in a way although Ume and Ringo might say that he looked like he would murder anyone that walked near him.
I didn’t care, I just knew that wanted to know him and possibly be friends with him in the future.
“Hey! Ringo, Ume. I’m going to go and talk to that boy over there.” I said pointing towards him.
“What!!” they shouted in unison. It scared me but soon I got over it.
“Whoa! what’s wrong? I think he’s cute!” “Cute?! What do you mean cute? I can feel his demonic glare over here!!”Ringo said staring directly into my eyes. Ouch… I didn’t know he was that bad.
“Well, can you two at least keep an eye on me as I talk to him so that if something uncalled for happens, you guys will have my back?” I said pleading them with eyes that I know they could never say no to.
“Fine Sia, go ahead. And before you go… what are you going to talk to him about?”
“You’ll find out when I talk to him. Now no more questions, I have to go and catch up with him before he leaves.” After that I started to ride of on my air treks and catch up with the mysterious boy. I almost fell being too excited about what I were going to do. When I finally caught up with him and started to feel nervous.
Before I could go and say anything the strange boy stopped and looked at me with annoyed eyes and said “Move out of way you shitty whore.” I was dumbfounded, confused, surprised and so much more.
“I am not a shitty whore!!”  I shouted and I could feel Ume and Ringo ready to jump out and smash his face in.
“I don’t care now move your pissy ass out of my way!” Now he’s REALLY starting to piss me off.
“Listen, all I came over here to do was to talk to you and possibly cheer you up because when you were walking, you looked like you were about to kill yourself or something.”
“You stupid bitch! I don’t need your pitiful help. Now move out of my way you little pissant.” You completely lost it and hauled off and slapped the boy. You felt bad afterward because you accidently moved his eye patch all the way to the other eye. His cat like pupils turned normal and his expression suddenly got softer. Well, it was soft until he started feeling the sting of my hand on his face a few moments ago. Ume was already beside me and Ringo was on her way.
“Oww! That hurt!”
What. Just. Happened.
That was the only thing that was going through my mind. I was more confused than when he first opened his disrespectful mouth.
“You mean you don’t know? You really forgot… just like that?” I just wanted an explanation and I wanted it as fast as I could get it.
The boy did something that you did NOT expect him to do. He cried, he’s actually crying. The boy who called you a pissant, is in front of you, crying.
“You just got done calling me a bitch, a pissant, and a shitty whore. And now YOUR crying!!”
“I’m sorry, Agito must have done that to you. I’m Akito.” While he said that he was still sobbing. He continued “Time for us to go or big brother will get mad.” And he just left us there looking at him ride off into the far distance.

I never forgot that boy. Even until today, I still find him cute.
-Present time-
 With me being friends with Ume and Ringo, they told me numerous secrets like that they were actually in a storm riding team. Me being curious, asking what team they were in got an unexpected answer.  While thinking that they were in a low ranking team spat out my tea when Ume-chan said ‘Sleeping Forest’.  I was tempted to join with them but a little crow was waiting for your answer to join Kogarasumaru.
I joined Kogarasumaru and since then me and Ringo haven’t been taking much and Ume stuck to making those creepy rag dolls. When Ikki told me that the meetings were at the school at midnight. You already knew who you were going to see; Kazu, Onigiri, Fatty Buccha etc. But there was one face that you didn’t expect to see. A cute dark blue haired boy that you never forgot. He still had the same cat like golden eyes I was attracted to.
“Hey! It’s you!” I yelled and everyone stopped and looked at me with a confused expression.
“Who the hell are you?”  Great. So he didn’t remember me after what he did; but then again it was about 4 years ago.
“Long story short. About 4 years ago, I came up to you and tried to cheer you up, you called me a shitty whore, I got mad, slapped you, your eye patch moved to your other eye, you started crying, and told me that you were no longer Agito but Akito.” Now everyone looked like they were about to die of laughter.
“A shitty whore?” Kazu said while covering his mouth even though his laughs were still audible.
I started to regret sharing that story until Agito finally scolded them as if to say: go on with the meeting. Ikki started to say something about our next battle with a team called Behemoth or something like that. I was too busy thinking about how my emotions were all pouring out and the worst part about it was that it was going toward a guy who didn’t even notice me.
Toward the end of the meeting Agito put his eye patch on the other eye and the same personality that started crying in front of me started to speak. His boyish charm made me like him a little more.
When it ended, I was about to go home until Akito stopped me.
“Hey, Sia!”  I’m surprised he actually remembered my name.
“Agito hasn’t been able to get you out of his head. He talks about you all of the time and he regrets calling you the names those years ago. And I’m pretty sure he wants to ask you out but not sure how to ask you without… how do I say this, make him look like a wuss” I couldn’t believe what he was telling me so I asked him how did he know. He said that they shared the same body so even if he didn’t want to listen, he had to anyway.
“When do you think he’s going to ask me?”
“Probably in a month or two after you two get to know each other better. And don’t be offended if he asks you to be his property or something else like that that.”
“Okay, tell him I’ll be looking forward to it!” after that I walked home since it was about 2 in the morning after I was done talking to him. My dreams that night were about Agito.
-Two months later-
It was a normal day until people who Kogarasumaru beat in a battle started to surround me and I didn’t like it at all. I ran away towards the school and hoped that someone was there. On my way gliding up the side, one of the former storm riding team members slammed into me and I was on my way to colliding with the ground until I landed on something soft.
I opened my eyes and saw the famous dark blue hair that I came to fall in love with.
“Are you a dumbass?” he asked “You almost killed yourself!”
“Well, THANKS  for making sure I’m okay but I don’t think you should be worrying about me right now” I gestured towards the men coming closer and closer. He put me down and started to move closer to them too.
“You are all such pussies coming after a little girl. But it’s okay, I’ll teach you all what it’s like to get your ass whooped by me again. The boys were almost dead and that means that it was time for me to step in and knock him out of it. We left them at the school bleeding and almost dead.
We went to my place afterward and he was lecturing me the whole time there by asking me questions like ‘Did I know how stupid I was?’ and ‘Why was I alone at that time of the night?’
“Agito, I don’t need you to lecture me, my parents are probably going to when they get home in a few days.” I feel really bad but I’m glad he cares about me like this. We have gotten close after those 2 months and he’s been over my house and even spent the night a few times. Even though my parents made sure that we didn’t sleep in the same room, we still found a way to talk to each other in the middle of the night.
“Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt you lecturing but I’m kind of scared after today so can you spend the night? ”I asked but the real reason was that I actually wanted to ask him out because I was getting impatient.
“Fine, but only because your mine.” What! That saved me a lot of time.
“I know you’re not fucking deaf but since you’re a dumbass I guess I have to explain it to you then.”
“You. Are. Mine.”
He stopped from opening the door to look directly into my eyes with passion. I almost melted when he said that. The door opened and within seconds of it being closed I grabbed his face and kissed him. He immediately started to kiss back. Soon after we stopped because we were running out of breath, I told him I loved him. He responded by saying
“I know and I already said that you were mine.”

My parents came home and saw nothing but sprawled out clothes around the house, a grounded for life daughter, and boy that they never wanted to see again.

The End.
And this is Agito.