Monday, February 6, 2012

❦ℑhe ⓟhantomhive's Ļove❦ (A Black Butler Smut Story)

First, i want to say that this chapter is a lemon. Enjoy~

Chapter 3: Sleep With Me.

As I was lowered down onto the bed I felt Bard’s hands make their way around my body. Moving his hands while sensually caressing me. I loved how his hands feel against my legs as he slowly started to move my legs towards his back so I can wrap them around him as he kisses became more lust-filled as he started to go towards my neck.

He bit and nibbled at the same spot Sebastian was at a few moments ago. I absolutely adored the feeling and was slowly falling in love with the touches I’m receiving by a man that I never even paid much attention to before.

“Bar-” I started to tell him to quit teasing but it slowly turned in to moan that turned into a scream when he started to grind his hips toward me with an unimaginable forced.  Felicity was an amazing feeling I’m getting from him right now. I want to feel more of him, I want him to touch me, love me, and make me feel something I never felt before.

He started to wrap his hands around my back and loosen the strings to my outfit. It gradually made its way from my body and onto his messy bed. Leaving my strawberry colored and scented bra on, he went on to my skirt. The zipper on the side made it easy for him to slip it off as opposed to all of the untangling he had with the lace on my shirt. He started to go down and put my leg which was once on his back, over his shoulder and began to kiss my silky womanhood.  His butterfly kisses on my lower regions made me arch my back in ecstasy.

“Ahh! Nhhm!!” little sounds like that were the only things that could come out of my mouth at the moment. My mind was blank as he forced his tongue through me as I cried with passion. He moved his tongue around inside as he darted it in and out making me scream even more. He added in his fingers one at a time as the feeling began to become more intense with every passing second.

“More! Faster-Ahh!” He did what I asked of him and began to thrust his tongue and fingers faster. I coated his face in my delicious juices as he licked and swallowed all of it. I was starting to get closer to my climax when I had a warm feeling in my stomach, and I started to clench up. He took this as a sign and stopped leaving me close to an edge. I was panting as I waited for him to continue but he never did.

He licked his fingers clean and kissed me so that I can taste my delicate liquids. Our tongues started to entangle again as he started to grind on me again. I began to take off my bra and remove his clothes as well. We were both naked now as I flipped him over and headed towards his rock hard cock.

“My turn!” I said as I stated to lick just the tip of his manhood as he began to moan. I love his American accent. He started to take my hand and massage his balls with everlasting care as he started to buck his hips.

“St-stop teasing!” he said looking at me while a little of drool he had was starting to come out of his mouth. I grabbed his hard dick and licked the sides making him moan even more. I stuck his shaft in my mouth and began to suck on it making it slick with my saliva and his precum. I sucked faster and licked the head while it was going deep down my throat. He grabbed my hair making me go faster up and down his cock while I looked at him and saw the priceless expression on his face letting me know that he was enjoying it. I can feel him throbbing as its slowly leaking out more cum.

“I-I’m Coming!” he yelled as he started to bob my head faster to help him. His white liquid exploded out the slit of his dick. None of it was able to escape before I swallowed it as his breathing began to calm as I moved up to him and kissed him.

We both tasted ourselves and each other as he pulled me so that I was sitting on his lap. He moved his penis and started to tease me by rubbing his hose so that it is almost penetrating me. He thrusted it inside earning a cry from me.

“BARD!” I screamed his name as he moved his member out of me only to shove it inside of me again. It felt amazing to have someone make me feel this way before.

“Keep saying my name!” he said as his thrusts started to become more rowdy with each thrust.

“Bard! Bard! Bard! Bard!” I said with each thrust. He pushed me over so that we were in a missionary position. He hovered over me and thrusted even more reckless as he used our cum mixing together to make him faster. We were both feeling our release coming soon and neither of us wanted it to end.

“Alex!” “Bard!” we yelled each other’s name as our releases came as we looked at each other and started panting. Bard rolled off of me and kisses me one last time and said:

Alex, Sleep With Me.

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